and Happy Trails Stepping Stones Go Great Together!

Robin and I moved to St Simons Island in 1995 for a new job (golf course mechanic) at an upscale golf course on Sea Island. The job didn't work out, but we fell in love with our spot under the centuries old live oaks on the bank of a small pond. We decided to do whatever it took to stay here. That involved creating our own jobs.

We started with Happy Trails Stepping Stones by making some stepping stones with broken antique china embedded in the concrete for a local shop owner. They sold well, but the china supply ran out quickly. Then we discovered stained glass. I came up with several original designs and started traveling up and down the coast selling them wholesale to plant nurseries and art galleries. They became very popular, and we sold many.

As the business grew we were faced with a growing pile of stained glass scraps. We found a market for the glass on Ebay (username stainedglasstileonline) and discovered that people bought and sold stained glass tile there. I made a tile cutter and we started selling mosaic tile cut from new stained glass and tumbled scrap stained glass with great success. This led to creation of our websites and two more than full time jobs for us.

We now have a huge selection of colors, shapes and sizes of stained glass mosaic tile that we ship worldwide. It is still just the two of us working together. We both cut tile while I make the stepping stones. Robin handles shipping and customer service.

Thanks for visiting, we appreciate your business!

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