Tumbled Stained Glass And Scrap Mosaic Tile

"Scrap" Stained Glass Tile

Scrap Mosaic Tile
1 Pound Scrap Stained Glass Tile

5 Pounds Scrap Stained Glass Tile


These tiles are irregular sizes, ranging from very small 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch by 2 inch. The cuts are a result of glass sheets that are off size when we start cutting them, tiles we no longer sell, or plain old mistakes. Most are rectangles, with a few squares, triangles and trapezoids mixed in. Most of the glass in this mix is traditional stained glass, mostly Spectrum Glass, along with mirrors, Waterglass, and iridized glass. We sell this glass by the pound, and there is no way to know how many tiles are in a pound because of the variety of sizes, but a square foot of glass weighs about one and a half pounds. The colors vary, but we do add a lot of different colors to each batch.

Green Tumbled Stained Glass Chips

Green Tumbled Glass Chips
1 Pound Green Tumbled Stained Glass

5 Pounds Green Tumbled Stained Glass


Dark Green Wispy, Emerald Green,Hunter Green, Rainforest and Sage Green make up this tumbled glass mix.

Tumbled Stained Glass Chips

Tumbled Stained Glass
1 Pound Mixed Colors Tumbled Stained Glass

5 Pounds Mixed Colors Tumbled Stained Glass

Stained glass chips with no sharp edges! Tumbled glass is great for flower pot art, bird baths, picture frames, decorative mirrors, or any other project you can imagine! The tumbling process removes the sharp edges and creates a slight satin finish on the glass that helps adhesives bond more effectively.

This glass is a by-product of our stepping stone business. We nip the stained glass left over from our stepping stone designs and tumble it with water and an abrasive to remove the sharp edges. There are still some points, but no really sharp edges. Kids enjoy working with tumbled glass, but they should be supervised.