Pamela Lackie

Mosaic Arts and More

Pam Lackie is a very busy professional in the great northwest. As you can see she is also a very talented mosaic artist. Her mirrors are some of the most beautiful mosaic mirrors you'll have the pleasure of seeing. They are intricately detailed and her color choices are superb. These are just a few samples of her beautiful work. You can see all of Pam's mirrors or inquire on commissioning Pam to make a mirror for you by clicking the link above.

Pretty floral mosaic mirror by Pamela Lackie Close up detail of mosaic mirror. Mosaic mirror made with a rainbow of colored mosaic tile small borders. Mosaic cat tails decorate this mirror frame Intricate mosaic mirror, great design!Detail of mirror, note !/2 inch tiles cut in half. Mosaic mirror featuring a bird of paradise design. Round mosaic mirror made with big borders and 1 inch square tiles. Round mosaic mirror with floral vine design.Close up of flowers and mosaic tile work.Mosaic mirror with flowers and random tile shapes. Round mosaic mirror with a blue and green theme. Interesting mosaic mirror design. Close up of tile work. Round mosaic mirror made with small borders that measure 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Close up of mirror shows tiny 1/4 inch square tiles between the small borders Mosaic mirror made with tumbled glassclose up image of the iregular shapes of the tumbled glass. Round mosaic mirror with a design made of pretty little round flowers. Mosaic mirror made with larger glass tiles and pretty corner designs. Another large glass tile design.