Welcome to the Mosaic Tile Art Gallery

We would like to thank the talented mosaic artists who took the time to send us pictures of their completed mosaic projects. Their imagination and attention to detail is incredible! Don't be intimidated by the quality of their artwork, mosaic art isn't an exact science. Trial and error, practice, and knowing what you desire to accomplish will take you a long way. Please click on the thumbnails below to see more!

A Round in Circles by Karen Stadden
Karen Stadden
Mosaic Seacsape by Alicia Fulton
Alicia Fulton
Mosaic Cottage by Berta Sargent
Berta Sargent
Mosaic Bobcat by Bill Fisher
Georgia College
Mosaic Shoe by Patti Stewart
Patti Stewart
Mosaic Art by Brenda Key
Brenda Key
Mosaic Rooster on a Fence
Brigette Benavidez
Mosaic High Heel Shoe by Brigitte Messali
Brigitte Messali
Mosaic Sun Face by Cari G
Cari G
Mosaic Peace Sign by Chris Clark
Chris Clark
Mosaic Wall Art by Chris Linge
Chris Linge
Mosaic Horses by Cindy Hale
Cindy Hale
Mosaic peacock by Cindy Martin.
Cindy Martin
Mosaic Shark Jaws by Coral Nocie
Coral Nocie
Mosaic family tree by Corrina Otto
Corinna Otto
Mosaic swan magazine rack by Courtney Erhardt
Courtney Erhardt
Colorful mosaic gazing ball in the garden.
Deborah Ferrante
Gold mosaic mirror frame by Deborah S. Hamm
Deborah S. Hamm
Stained glass mosaic sunflower by Dee Andersen
Dee Andersen
Deon Lee Roe
Stained glass mosaic mirror frame
Diane Strack
Stained glass mosaic beagle dogs by Faith White
Faith White
Stained glass mosaic star by Fran Ingram
Fran Ingram
Stained glass mosaic pear by Dorsey Carter
Glass on Glass
Red stained glass mosaic tile lady portrait by Jane Wright
Jane Wright
Stained glass mosaic koi platter by Jazz Kiriaty
Jazz Kiriaty
Stained glass mosaic heron by Jenn King
Jenn King
Students of J L Mann High School with their mosaic art project
J.L. Mann High School
Stained glass mosaic surfer on a giant wave.
Judie Swinington
Stained glass mosaic mirror frame by Judy Kadmiri
Judy Kadmiri
Stained glass mosaic frog and dragonfly by Kathleen Stewart
Kathleen Stewart
Stained glass mosaic planets by Kelly Rogan
Kelly Rogan
Stained glass mosaic tile kitchen backsplash
Kitchen Backsplash
Van Gogh glass mosaic ribbon by Leonie Hull
Leonie Hull
Stained glass mosaic mirror tile triggerfish by Liz Ashley
Liz Ashley
Mosaic tile portrait of a native person by Manny Vega
Manny Vega
Stained glass mosaic tile table by Marla Powers
Marla Powers
Stained glass mosaic head by Maylik Davis
Maylik Davis
Stained glass mosaic bunny rabbit by Mel Fischer
Mel Fischer
Wall covered with mosaic mirror tile
Mirrored Walls
Mosaic Tile Flower Pot by Mynou de Mey
Mynou de Mey
Stained glass mosaic mirror frame by  Pamela Lackie
Pamela Lackie
Stained glass mosaic goldfish by Pat Mallett
Pat Mallett
Bust of woman decorated with stained glass mosaic tile
Paula Nelson
Stained glass mosaic pineapple by  Robin Halasz
Robin Halasz
Stained glass mosaic tile moon by Stephanie Spikell
Stephanie Spikell
Stained glass mosaic table by Susan Blum
Susan Blum
Mosaic housr name plaque by Tammy Etheredge
Tammy Etheredge
Mosaic flower design by Tina Paris
Tina Paris
Van Gogh glass mosaic portrait by Will Towns
Will Towns