Dee Andersen, Mosaic Artist

Platter decorated with a big, bright yellow sunflower with a dark brown center. Theresunflower desgn is surrounded by a border of lime green and dark blue.
Dee Andersen is a mosaic artist in Montana. Her work must be a reflection of the beautiful wide open spaces that surround her. This sunflower platter made with bright yellow stained glass, trimmed in lime green is one of my favorites.
Glass on glass square vase with a sunflower design. The brown sunflower center is wrapped around one of the corners
Glass on glass square vase with a striking bright yellow sunflower design. I love the way the center of the flower rounds the corner..
Glass vase decorated in the true mosaic style with cobalt blue iridescent stained glass tile.
Glass on glass mosaic vase in cobalt blue Iridescent
Glass platter decorated with orange, red, pink, blue and yellow stained glass mosaic tiles.
Spring Flower Platter
Round platter decorated with a dragonfly sporting pibk chapmage iridescent wings.
A beautiful pink iridescent winged dragonfly platter.
Square glass platter decorated in a true mosaic style with blue and olive green cathedral glass.
Glass on glass square cathedral glass platter
Bright, colorful mosaic tile suncatcher
Inferno, cobalt blue and lime green sun-catcher doing a fabulous job!