Deborah S. Hamm

Deborah Hamm is a very busy professional in New York City. As you can see, Deb is also a very talented and resourceful mosaic artist. She made the base for the round clock in the first picture, then covered it with Gold Van Gogh half inch tiles. It is absolutely stunning. The picture doesn't do it justice. Often times Deb mounts our glass tiles very close together and skips the grouting process all together. She also made the bases for the mosaic mirrors in the next two pictures. The first mirror is covered in Van Gogh Green, Green Copper and Green Copper Gold. The last two mirrors are made with Cobalt Blue, traditional stained glass.

Mosaic mirror frame made with gold van gogh glass tile Large square mirror frame tiled with van gogh glass tile A pair i=of mirrors tiled with van gogh glass