Georgia College and University

In December of 2010 Georgia College Art Department contacted us regarding six life sized fiberglass bobcats they were putting up for adoption. The bobcat is the university mascot and their hope was to find businesses and groups to adopt the cats and help them pay for decorating them in the school colors. Bill Fisher, Associate Professor and Chair Department of Art, and their sponsor, the Student Government, had a vision of a mosaic bobcat.

We helped Bill select the shades of green, tile size and quantity, and settled on Emerald Green, Wispy Dark Green and Emerald Green Iridescent 3/8 inch square tile.

There was much to consider, the cats are very detailed with many tiny turns and twists around the eyes, ears and nose. The fiberglass cats also have a good deal of muscle structure that they didn't want to lose. As you can see, they worked all that out. The mosaic tiles actually accentuated the muscle structure and the cats turned out beautifully.

Bobcat statue before tiling Lots of progress for just a few short days Green Iridescent 3/8 inch tiles set diagonally were used for his pupils Grout is applied to the tile on the mosaic bobcat The mosaic bobcat is finished Another view of the mosaic cat